«I go to school every day, except when I hear planes flying»
There is this girl: Judy, 9 years old.
She lives in the eastern district of Aleppo, going to school is a wearing challenge: “I go to school every day, except when I hear planes flying”, she said. She would like to visit his brother who moved with his wife, but she can’t: roads are too dangerous.
“Children in Aleppo are trapped in a nightmare”, said Justin Forsyth – General co-Director of UNICEF- who also added: “I cannot explain what they are experiencing”.
Just in one week, 96 children were killed and 223 were wounded last September.
It is estimated that no less than 4,000 bombs stroke Syrian schools since the civil war started in March 2011; that is the reason why more than 2 millions children in Syria do not attend schools and others 400.000 skip classes because of the increasing of battles, evacuations and economical crisis. “The members of the Security Council expressed outrage to all attacks against civilians and their houses and hospitals, and discriminate all attacks throughout Syria”.
12085480104_62b7171b8c_z.jpgFurthermore, the sanitary system in Aleppo is collapsed: there are no more than 30 doctors and, not rarely, severely injured children are left to die because of the lack of specific machineries and medicines. Moreover, because of these two years of conflict in Syria, it is dramatically increasing the risk of contracting diseases due to faulty sanitation services, damage to water systems and lack of basic hygiene.
“Nothing can justify this violence on children and a so extended carelessness of human life. The pain – and the impact on children- is for sure the worst thing we have seen in the last years.”.
Staffan de Mistura –a Swedish diplomat- said that “if we cannot find a solution, Aleppo will not be there anymore”, he warned United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, talking to reporters after a meeting the last October the 17th with Foreign Ministers of the European Union in Luxembourg.
All countries should provide to protect civilians, in order to give them one more chance to live.

There are too many innocent people dying because of the war. There are too few chances of survival and too much wasted lives.


Beatrice Meo