On 9th January 2018 the Opening Ceremonies for IMUN “Italian Model United Nations” took place in Rome, exactly in the Auditorium located in “via della Conciliazione”, near the Vatican. In honour of this project, the most important model in Italy and Europe of the United Nations Assembly, they inaugurated the beginning of this special experience, addressed to hundreds of Italian and European high schools. This important event has gathered at around 4.000 students who are passionate about international issues and who are, of course, the main protagonists of this opportunity. At the end of this huge experience, there will be awarded the 4 best delegates, who will win a trip to New York for the International model at the UN Headquarters.


The Ceremony was presented by Lorenzo Micheli, part of the administration of the Ministry of Education, who introduced IMUN explaining its long path, started in 2011, and its goals for this year, which seems to be important ones, in the social and cultural sphere. In fact, among the many events expected, there is the “Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018 Be The Legacy”, unveiled by the Nelson Mandela foundation.

During Micheli’s speech the Auditorium stage has also hosted many other high offices, such as Simona Montesarchio, part of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, who promotes the approach of young students to the G7, Riccardo Messina, the President of the United Network Europa, who thanked all those people who contributed to the realization of this project, including Nicola Zingaretti (President of the Lazio region) and Angelo Meloni, editor in chief of La Repubblica.

Subsequently each delegate, who dealt with a specific international problem in particular areas of the World, has exposed their prepared discourses with seriousness and emotion. Each of them is part of a committee, sent directly from the United Nations, case studies of Universities, esteemed professionals or great newspaper articles.


Some of this committees are: “ECOFIN” for implementing the sustainable development goals, “LEGAL” for the rights of children with incarcerated parents, “UNICEF” for the effects of gender inequality on children’s rights and opportunities, “UNESCO” for a sustainable future and many others.

The Opening Ceremonies ended with two songs (“Insieme” and “Dopo cena”) by Valeria Farinacci.

The Closing Ceremonies will be held on 13th January 2018, in the same place.

Mirella Mirra