IMUN stands for Italian Model United Nations and it is a model were students act as delegates of a country that has been assigned to them. This year will take place it’s seventh edition with around 3000 participants. The Committee regarding the Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) was one of the most active ones. This commission was created in 1978 by the General Assembly to make recommendations in the field of disarmament. It meets every year in October for a 4/5 week session where the participants will have to discuss about 2 previously decided topics. During the debate lots of countries expressed their opinions, shared ideas, agreed and disagreed with other delegates and proposed ways for solving the problem regarding chemical and biological weapons. During the first day of IMUN 2018, delegates started to discuss about their topics in their respective committee.

Syria and China were the two countries offering proposals to avoid the problems they were discussing during the debate. The syrian delegate proposed to use chemical and biological weapons just to fight terrorism avoiding any use of weapons against civilians. On the other hand China proposed to strengthen and secure the military force and to cooperate all together as one single country without using force until it is extremely necessary.

Namibia was the first country to oppose itself by saying that it is not possible to use those kind of weapons without harming civilians. Many countries shared Namibia’s same idea and disagreed with the Syrian delegate’s thought in fact many countries stood up against Syria and proclaimed diplomatic ideas instead.

USA followed Namibia by remarking the fact that Syria’s idea could be good, if only it would not be the first country to use weapons against civilians. We fact-checked and there are many proofs of power abuse from the Syrian old standing Regime. During the Regime lead by Al-Assad Syria was constantly in the middle of international discussion, regarding military forces abusing of their powers with the civilians and the working projects for nuclear and chemical bombs.

Papua new Guinea and Canada together with lots of other countries expressed diplomatic intents, they would like to avoid using military power, especially Canada sustained that for the past 70 years the country always kept diplomatic intents and they are not planning to start using force now. This last one, was a common opinion between most of the delegates.

In case diplomatic intents would not work China’s opinion was considered by many countries as the best solution to the problem.

As we can see up until today countries would prefer a cooperation and avoiding using military power. Delegates are proposing ideas and in the following days we will surely see the results of those debates.

Panella Emanuele Rosario