The economic and financial committee (ECOFIN) is the primary economic body of the UN. Founded in 1945, it is set with the purpose of relating to issues due to economic development and international trade. Its main concerns are: environmental protection; social progress and development; conservation of our natural resources; steady economic growth.

During ECOFIN committee session

The answer was given by the delegate of Belarus. He gave such an exhaustive solution, in fact this country has always had economic matters and has walked through many hardships during its history. It’s government struggles every day to defeat malnutrition, poverty, lack of medicines and food. However one of the most important problems is the need of water; for instance there are villages, over all the belarussian territory, that have no water transport network. So the delegate of Belarus expressed how its country is working out the problem; thanks to other states’ investment, on the secondary sector (factories), belarussian gross domestic product (GDP) has increased. The more factories produce, the more GDP increases and more money are given back: it is better for all. Then part of the money is spent on improving level of life in Belarus and the residual is given to the investor states as a repayment. During the ECOFIN committee session, the belarussian delegate expressed the will of knowing which States are with his country and why.

Interviewing belarussian delegate

So, during the interview, he said that he was about to have an agreement with Russian Federation and USA. However, he added that United States seemed not so convinced about this idea and and he wished talking directly to the American delegate during an unmoderated caucus could help. At the end of the interview the belarussian delegate affirmed that he hopes, through this cooperation, Belarus can increase its rate of welfare and so come up with a solution to its most traumatic problems.


Lorenzo Flavio Palmisciano