The last day of IMUN in Roma Eventi is arrived. SPECPOL is the last topic chosen. But what is it? “Special Political And Decolonization Committee” monitors the independence movements spread in the immediate aftermath of the decolonization process. It also deals with different subjects include those related to refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, public information and atomic radiation.

In this day all delegates decided to discuss about the Venezuelan crisis, which is a not really known theme, but that is affecting global balance. The crisis started in 2013 and its turning point dates back to 2017, when the president Nicolas Maduro expressed his plans of recreating Venezuelan parliament. In addition, the country is crossing a deep humanitarian crisis because people don’t have medicines as well as basic goods.

Delegates formed themselves in two groups: oriental and occidental block. The first one comprehends China, Yemen, Russia, Austria, Greece, Vietnam and Kuwait. They have the intention to maintain Maduro as president but without changing the parliament. Regarding humanitarian crisis, they want that rich countries send aid to Venezuela for helping it. They want also military interventions not to repress but just to help.

Contrarily the second block, that involves Spain, Canada, Ireland, USA, the majority of European countries and Arabic countries, wants to have a communication relationship with Maduro to reach an agreement. About the economic plan, they would like to send contributions to promote Venezuela’s economy.

In this way the last day of IMUN ends. Tomorrow resolutions will be reported during the closing ceremony.

Francesca Romana Starnino

Alessia Notaro