The primary goal of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is to provide food security for all people. To accomplish its mandate, FAO provides technical assistance in the form of tools and training, offers legal advice, promotes sustainable practices, supplies immediate and long-term aid, and creates a forum of equal representation and discussion. In order to carry out these daunting and diverse tasks, FAO forms partnerships with a variety of groups and organizations including private sector companies and corporations, civil society groups, expert exchanges, regional bodies, and other United Nations (UN) subsidiaries.

Fao wants to help eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition: there is sufficient capacity in the world to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately. Its mandate is to support members in their efforts to ensure that people have regular access to enough high-quality food. We can help by supporting policies and political commitments that promote food security and good nutrition and by making sure that up-to-date information about hunger and malnutrition challenges and solutions are available and accessible. We also focus on making agriculture, forestry and fisheries more sustainable and on reducing technological development and emerging markets in the area: in fact, the increasing of globalization affects agriculture and creates a huge change for smallholders, since they are easily cut off this chain because they can’t keep up. Moreover, FAO’s mission is also to help countries govern, prevent and mitigate risks and crisis and support them in preparing and responding to disasters, because the latter can have serious effects on our issue.

Luigi Sellaro