IMUN Venezia is the regional edition of the Italian Model United Nations, it is the biggest European simulation of diplomatic processes dedicated to high school students. It is articulated in several different national editions and it consists in the simulation of the General assembly of the UN, in which students test and deepen themes forming part of the international political agenda, impersonating ambassadors and diplomats.
In the Venetian edition delegates can also witness the participation of staffers which take care of press, video making and security groups.
The idea of performing IMUN in Venice is in line with the venetian spirit: now and in the time of Serenissima republic, when the city was related with many different populations and cultures.
Thanks to its commercial attitude Venice was able to move forward, always looking for the best solution to get in touch with far continents, also thanks to a very open minded vision.
Strictly connected to this vision is the deepening of the activities performed by IOM organization, consisting in supporting and encouraging the work of ONLUS which helps migrants in their journey in the hope of find a better place to live.

Laura Dell’Antonio