What does IMUN mean?

It means Italian Model United Nations and it will take place in Benedetti-Tommaseo High School which is the organization leader. More than 150 high school students will be part of the IMUN Venezia on 28,29,30 January. During these days each young delegate will represent a different nation assuming the roles of UN members.

IMUN brings together young women and men who have the opportunity to share ideas from a different set of experiences and backgrounds and to learn more about diplomacy, international relations and the UN. They will talk about the topic in Agenda and their countries’ views relating to each specific issue. It certainly is a great opportunity for all the delegates to talk about international issues, to draft resolutions in response to the global problems and to work and be in contact with others who are equally passionate and motivated. During this MUN each delegate should be recognized for his/her particular attitude and every one can gain prizes. However with great powers comes great responsibilities. One of the goals of this simulation is that we hope that students will learn the importance and the complexity of balancing international and national interests. To recap, students must develop a complete knowledge on global issues, fight their shyness improving public speaking and debates and last but not least strengthen their skills.

Venice is one of the international towns in Europe and it puts up many international organization offices, such as Unesco and WHO. The Benedetti-Tommaseo High School, as tradition, had organized the IMUN event to give their students an instrument to better understand the international matters.

There will be three different committee: IOM, CSTD and WFP which will be the three topics the students will talk about.

  Giorgia Sommariva