We have just arrived at the second edition of IMUN Venezia, the venetian edition of Italian Model Nations, which is the biggest European simulation of diplomatic processes dedicated to high school students. But what is a Model UN?

Model United Nations are simulations of the General Assembly of The United Nations or of other multilateral bodies, in which students are called to represent ambassadors and diplomats and debate current topics of the international political agenda. Delegates carry out many diplomatic activities: they must hold speeches, negotiate with allies and adversaries and solve conflicts, all the while using the rules of procedure of the United Nations.

The Commission on Science and Technology For Development in reality has 43 member states that annually discuss the most urgent problems, and every member of the commission is elected by ECOSOC, the Economic And Social Council, every four years. The most important goals of the Commission are: the implications of science development and their examination, the advancement of science and the recommendations on science and technology.

In the 21st century it is quite difficult to communicate without technology, as it has become an important part of our lives, but in some states of the world this is not possible because they have less-developed education system, or they have no possibility to have access to technological devices. For example, women in the less developed countries are 21% less likely to own a mobile phone and to have access to internet than men.

Following the General Assembly, the developing of science and technology in all countries is the base to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Technology have had an important effect also in changing our everyday lives: there are more possibilities in all fields, social or economic for example, and it could be said that things have become easier. Also, the way we learn, we communicate, we interact, and we live has changed.

However, this is just one of the problems discussed in the committees (the others are specifically: xenophobia, racism, clime and food waste); the mail goal is about the possible solution to them.

    Gioia Cerini